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We create travel books, guides and maps of San Sebastian so that the small traveller and explorer can enjoy every second of your family’s adventures!

At home or while travelling, immerse the little ones in educational and fun experiences with HiriKid’s San Sebastian discovery educational games “Explore & Play”!

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Ideas, secrets and fun tips to enjoy San Sebastian to the max with your little ones!


Letter to the XS Explorer…

Ahoy! San Sebastian’s tiny Big explorer!

This message is for you!

We know how much you love your family’s holidays.

We know you always have a thousand questions to ask!

And have tons of fun discovering and exploring new places!

For you, any outing is a great adventure!

That’s why, because you’re so special, we want to name you Captain (yes, Captain with a capital C!) of your family’s adventures!

From now on, you are in charge of the expeditions!

But don’t forget that a Big captain like you needs to know how to find his or her way around the city!

What would happen if you took them through the streets of San Sebastian without a map?

You would never reach your destination!

So, there you go! Get ready! Grab your binoculars! And let the adventure begin!

We hope you have an awesome time exploring the city of San Sebastian!

Your friends at HiriKids

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Our didactic games are designed so that the little ones can become explorers of the city of San Sebastian while having tons of fun and learning at the same time.

Our activities for mini-explorers in San Sebastian include different experiences packaged in kits:

Guidebook kit, postcard kit, map kit, poster kit… to discover and colour the city.

Creative designs, fascinating illustrations, fun texts that will awake the curiosity of your little ones…

Our Travel guides for kids are an invitation to embark on the great adventure that is discovering San Sebastian!

Each game is a different experience! And each experience has a different format: city guide-book, map, postcards, photographs and poster.

Each of these activities for children in San Sebastian includes illustrated cards that the little adventurers can colour with the pencils and crayons provided in each kit.

We want them to enjoy exploring San Sebastian to the fullest, whether they have the complete pack or just one of our San Sebastian discovery kits.

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Are you looking for fun activities that motivate the youngest of the family to play, be curious and imaginative? Ideas to enjoy your plans with children in Donostia, touring your city?

We have what you are looking for!

Hirikids para familias que visitan Donostia San Sebastián


Are you looking for original activities that motivate your children to visit San Sebastian with the family? Would you like to make the cultural experience of San Sebastian easier and share quality moments together in family?

We have what you are looking for!


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Are you keen to sell HiriKid’s Travel Guides for children in your store?

Our Discovery products are original gifts for children, fascinating colouring books, educational games, and challenging travel guides for children in San Sebastian……

Sell it in individual kits or the complete pack!


If you a strong supporter of local economies and your store is interested in selling our products for children in San Sebastian, get in touch with us!

We are a local brand with a purpose:

we created educational kits for XS explorers as a means to support the inclusion of children in the city. Because San Sebastian is ALL of us!